Idaho Sustainable Housing

Based on a 16.37 acre site just north of the head of Cascade’s North Fork Payette River, this development for affordable housing focuses on varied lifestyle needs and open space development techniques.

The housing employs varying functional densities to reach a desired total density of 6.25 units per developed acre. Multigenerational co-housing exists with compact detached homes, traditional detached, and a street of workforce rowhouses.

Environmental concerns addressed on site included the addition of a 100’+ riparian corridor reintroducing native wildlife to the area and remediating flood plain land. Total site area also remains only 50% developed for low impact construction and environmental preservation.

Open Space Housing Master Plan
Location: Cascade, Idaho
Year: 2008
Size: 16.37 acres @ 51 dwelling units
Typology: Mixed density sustainable housing development

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