Italy: Rich culture in Roma!…day 1 + 2

Some of the group by the fountain in Piazza Santa Maria outside of studio

Some of the group by the fountain in Piazza Santa Maria outside of studio

What can I possibly say about the first two days? They have been so full of experience and amazing sights, tastes, smells, and different sounds. No picture, class, textbook, or even movie can prepare you for simply walking through the streets of Rome.

Our small group (Bob, Katrina, Eric, and myself) arrived yesterday morning after our direct flight from JFK. It was a little tough to stay up the whole day especially after making a substantial walk past the Pantheon to find the Vodafone store. Bob and I crashed coincidentally around siesta time, after the afternoon in the heat left us drained.

This whole time though there has been so much to take in. We went out last night in the Piazza di Santa Maria here in Trastevere. It was great because with no container laws we could buy a birra from a local market and take it out to the fountain to sit and relax while watching street performers.

Today Matt led us on our first tour which was awesome! It seemed like he was winging it the whole time, but he knows so much. Every turn around a corner that he planned was amazing too. I especially got caught off guard entering the Piazza Navona. I think everyone else was caught off guard with the Pantheon as well.

Well I’ll cut it off from here, but I have to say our first family dinner tonight was amazing. I can tell the 16, 17 including Alex, are going to make a great family this summer, with a lot of cheffing talent.

Buon compleanno Katrina!

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